W.T. Woodson Bands Pre-Season Training Information


Marching Band Preseason training is only weeks away!

Full Pre-Season Training attendance is mandatory for receiving a spot in the competition/half-time show. Success begins with good fundamentals and this usually means a successful season. Marching Band provides an opportunity for the younger player to perform with the more experienced students and promotes faster progression since students who are in marching band receive more fundamental instruction and playing time than those not. The improvement over three months’ time is truly amazing to see. The best students in the W.T. Woodson Band program come from the marching band because they have learned discipline, team spirit and most of all, commitment.

Dates: See the Schedules column for detailed days and dates:

What to bring:

  • Water (Important!!!): All students are required to bring their own water. This will help water breaks go faster and save on cups. You can of course fill up your water containers at lunch time.
  • Sneakers and socks (no sandals or flip flops)
  • Cool and comfortable clothing (no bathing suits)
  • Sun screen, hat, sunglasses
  • Bag lunch for Week 1 and Week 2 (students may not leave campus for lunch)
  • Instrument (reeds, accessories, etc.)
  • Wind instruments should have their own music lyre and flip folder for their instrument.
  • Pencil

Important Information:

  • Eat breakfast! This is important!
  • Transportation: Email Mr. Morgan if you have transportation problems and we will send you a list of available carpools.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, not soda. Bring your own water!!!
  • Follow directions! This will make life simpler for everyone.
  • If you need to check out an instrument for the fall, this should be done before camp starts. Call the band office and leave a message (703-503-4665) and we will help you.
  • Turn in your paperwork and fees on time (May 18) or you may not be guaranteed a permanent spot.
  • Please do not put doctor appointments or anything else during this time. It is crucial that everyone be in attendance. Any questions or conflicts please call immediately (703-503-4665)