About Us


When The W. T. Woodson High School opened its doors to students for the first time in the fall of 1962, it was not only the largest school in Fairfax County, but it was also the largest in the state of Virginia. The Woodson campus consists of a seventy-nine acre tract of land that was an operating dairy farm until the school was built. The size of the site was, and remains, the largest school campus in Fairfax County. In December, 2023 the Fairfax County School Board voted to change the official name of the school to Carter G. Woodson High School effective the 2024-2025 school year. The school is home to over 2,500 students and is known county and state-wide for its excellence in academics, athletics and the arts.

Woodson High School has a long tradition of excellence in the Performing Arts. The Department offers two orchestras, six choirs, three concert bands, jazz band, three guitar classes, A.P. Music Theory and a very active drama department as well.

The Woodson Band program has a long tradition of excellence that has come about through hard work, dedication and a system of rules and expectations. What makes band such an invaluable experience for students is the level of performance and personal accountability which is expected of each and every student in the program. Each and every student is expected to give 100% both as an individual and as a team player, always striving to become the best musician possible. Because the strength of the program is determined not by the top players but by the depth of talent within the program, all members are an integral part of the quest for superior music making. Members of the program are serious about music and study privately on their instruments. By the time a student becomes a member of the Symphonic Band, they are performing college level music with the maturity and finesse of a college level player. They also learn time management skills when they have to organize rehearsals, studies and other activities into their day. Band students therefore, leave high school with a greater ability to deal with the rigors of college and the challenges of adult life.

The Woodson Band program has a variety of ensembles available which will satisfy every ability level and interest. The program provides a progressive musical education for its members. Students in all band classes learn basic fundamentals which will make them proficient on their instruments and teach them to problem solve in their own practice sessions.

Band Profile

Official Name: W. T. Woodson Cavalier Band
Principal: Kevin Greata
Director: Aaron Morgan
Assistant Director: Helen Landers

Curriculum: Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble.
Organization: With a large number of students involved in an active program, it is necessary to rely heavily on student leadership. These student leaders include drum majors, section leaders, and drumline/colorguard captains. Each instrument has a section leader and perhaps an assistant section leader who are in charge of groups ranging in size from 6-23 students. Drum majors direct the band on and off the field, providing leadership in the areas of music, marching, and discipline. Drumline and Colorguard captains provide leadership and direct the smaller sections in warmups and show routine.