Scrip Cards for Disney Trip

Order Disney Gift Cards for the Spring Band Trip — All Scrip Orders Due Tuesday, February 13th.
Great Lakes Scrip offers Disney gift cards with a 3% rebate to band! You can give your student a Disney physical gift card or ScripNow e-card to purchase souvenirs, food and more while at DisneyWorld for the spring band trip in March. Disney scrip is available in $25 or $100 denominations. Other cards that your student might like to use for the spring trip are AMEX or VISA gift cards (band rebate 1.25%). Go to to browse all of the retailers offering scrip gift cards, register a new account (use our enrollment code, 787DC8EF2145) or log in to your account.

Scrip cards delivery will be next week at the Band Patrons Meeting on Feb. 20th. Select gift cards also available for purchase at band meetings. Scrip is gift cards that gives WTW Band Patrons a rebate based on a percentage of the card amount. It’s an easy way to help out the band while doing your grocery shopping, dining out, buying gas or other gift purchases. . Please contact Anne Reed if you have any questions,