Latest News on Symphonic & Concert Band Assessments

From Mr. Morgan, Sat., March 3:

Hey everyone,

What a fun few days we’ve had!  First, I hope everyone is safe and that your homes are safe as well.  I’ve seen a lot stuff out on the roads and many pictures of downed trees.
As you know, the weather has thrown us quite a curveball in regards to our Concert Assessments.  As of right now, all I know is that they are working to form a plan to allow as many groups as possible to be heard in the near future.  I don’t know if that’s going to be this week or next weekend or what.  As soon as I have some sort of schedule to pass along to you all, I will.
Whatever the alternate plans are, they will likely be inconvenient to your plans that have already been in place.  Of course, the weather and power outages are out of anyone’s control.  Both ensembles have put in an amazing amount of work and time into these assessment programs.  Please understand that while these changes, again, will likely be inconvenient, our performances only truly work if we are all present.  On behalf of all the student efforts over these past few months, I’m asking that everyone be flexible to allow our wonderful ensembles to have the amazing performances they deserve.
I will communicate plans when I have something from our District VBODA people.  Thanks everyone and stay safe out there!



From Mr. Morgan, Fri., March 2:

Concert band:
Your performance has been canceled. The only option I was given was going late tomorrow night, and realistically I didn’t think most of the ensemble would be present. I am going to see what options exist past this weekend, but it’s always tough to shoot from the hip.

Symphonic Band:
Unless something else changes, please stick to the plan. Report time is the same.


Sorry everyone. I wish I had better news.