Updated: Fourth of July Parade Info and Request for Parent Volunteers

Woodson is marching in the Fairfax City July 4th parade again this year.  It is a great fundraiser for the band, so we need everyone that is in town to participate.  If you have a sibling in grades 6-8, they can march with the band and carry the banner or military flags during the parade.


8am- Report to Woodson, change into uniform

8:30am – Get inspected, start loading buses

8:40am – Depart for Fairfax

9am – Report to line-up area, warm up

10am – Parade begins

10:30ish – Step off time (very approximate time, this greatly varies year to year)

11:45am – Load buses, return to Woodson

12pm – Change, go home!

The decision about what the uniform choice will be, will be made at the last possible moment. Students will get their white Woodson Marching Cavaliers shirt at Tuesday’s rehearsal and should wear that Thursday morning to Woodson regardless of what we end up wearing for the parade. Consideration for the heat will be taken into account and information about any changes sent out Wednesday evening at the latest.

If it is raining Thursday morning, please still report to Woodson. While we will not march if it is raining at step off time, it may stop before we leave or before the parade begins. Do not assume anything is canceled until you see it in writing.

Any siblings or younger friends/neighbors that would like to participate in the parade are welcome to come to practice this evening (6pm-8pm) and carry either our banner or one of the flags. We are typically looking for kids going into 5th grade or older due to the size of the flags/banner.

We will need parents to help out with pniform pitting (as we need to fit every student in a marching band uniform) during the above practice times as well as chaperones to patrol the practice route in the parking lot of the school. The day of the parade we will need volunteers to check-out and check-in the uniforms and volunteers to wash the uniforms post parade. Washing instructions are located HERE and should be given out when uniforms picked up to wash. The laundry can be done at your leisure. Return uniforms are done by arrangement once washing is complete.

Sign Up Genius links are below:

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Help with practices