Uniform Returns & Spring Concert Help

Lots of important deadlines for all bands before the end of the year, so please read carefully!

Woodson Band concert uniform chairs NEED YOUR HELP the evening of the spring concert (Tuesday, May 21st). The job is very easy and just requires you to arrive early to the concert to either help pin flowers on the graduating seniors and/or assist with making sure that the students are properly attired. If you review the concert uniform requirements on the band website, that is all the training you need. Please e-mail Cousins8@hotmail.com or raenaclose@hotmail.com to volunteer. Thank you!


Concert Band Uniforms will be collected based on the following timeline:

1.  All Senior Band Members – Return on the night of the Spring Band Concert (May 21) Ensure you bring a change of clothes to wear home, all hangars and the garment bag!

2. All other band members (except for the students participating in graduation band) – No later than May 31. (Must be Cleaned)

3. Graduation Band – No later than June 13. (Must be Cleaned)

PLEASE READ THE PDF FILE with the Uniform Cleaning Instructions!!!

Seniors:  Please consider donating the following items:

1. Pearls (needed!)

2. Tuxedo Shirt

3. Tie and Cummerbund (needed!)

4  Marching shoes

5. Ladies Concert shoes