Tunes for Tots 2022

Last Call! This event will likely be cancelled but a few more groups can save it!
If you have contacts, friends, or neighbors who have pre-school or toddler groups (even small ones) who would enjoy a field trip to Woodson, please pass on the invitation and registration form (attached to 9/30 Trumpeter) and encourage them to respond totay!!!. This event can’t happen unless the pre-schools in the area sign up to come by the end of October! 

W.T. Woodson High School Band Department Presents: Holiday Tunes for Tots on Wed, Nov 30 and Thu, Dec 1 at 10am.  The Wind Ensemble will perform and other band members will have the opportunity to wear costumes and participate in various ways. This is an opportunity for Wind Ensemble to play, to connect with the community and it’s a fundraiser too!!

Questions: Contact Alice Lee 703-599-4367 or