Tag Day a Success

This is the last Tag Day post you have to read for this year! My heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful kids and parents who made Saturday possible. We had over 170 students deployed to various neighborhoods in a fleet of 84 driving cars, as well as a small legion working within the school to make the kids look sharp in their uniforms, keep us all well-fed and hydrated, count and tabulate all of the money, as well as trying to keep track of all of the papers and figure out where everyone was. They say it takes a village, but in our case, it was more like a medium size city!

This has been the biggest Tag Day Woodson Band and Guard has run in a long time, and we heard nothing but compliments about how well our students represented the school while they were out and about, both from
the parent volunteers and Woodson neighbors at-large. Due to everyone’s hard work, we brought in almost $36,000 for our band program IN ONE DAY.

Hopefully, we get a few more donations as we also left a lot of flyers in doors since a fair amount of people weren’t home (probably enjoying the beautiful day). Again, thank you so much and if you want to help out next year, we’ll gladly take you onto the committee.

Jennifer Willey
Tag Day Committee Chair