Spiritwear Coordinator Needed

The spiritwear coordinator is responsible for working with the spiritwear vendor, Burke Sporting Goods, to create a list of Woodson Band “branded” items to sell to band members and supporters at the beginning of the school year.  Additionally, the coordinator will work with the Uniforms chairs to order the blue band polo shirts for new band members.  Burke is very easy to work with and will create the website, track sales, and sort and bag the orders.  The coordinator will then ensure delivery to the students when the orders are received.  This position required approximately 1-2 hours of work in July to come up with the items and 1-2 hours of work in September to deliver the items.  The separate polo ordering, if needed, is less than 1 hour.

The coordinator may, if he/she wishes, also create a second order window for delivery in time for winter break.  Many parents use this to purchase holiday gifts for their students.  This is optional and takes about the same amount of time as the August order.

Please contact drikr01@gmail.com if you are interested!