Band Registration Packets test

In the new packet you’ll find most everything is the same as it has been in the past. The file is split into 4 folders.  2 for marching band folks, and 2 for non-marching band folks. Each of these sets of folders has one that contains information letters, and one that contains forms.  Please find your corresponding set of folders and complete the required forms.  The due date for all forms is May 18. (Please note that if you are doing marching band, you only need to complete the marching band forms, and not the non-marching band forms as well; each student should only have one set of forms)

While we will always accept paper checks for payments, we are in the process of adding the option to pay your band dues through the My School Bucks online payment system (the same system used to load your student lunch account).  This should be up sometime next week.

The forms are on a PDF portfolio file, which means you must use an Adobe program to open it.  If you don’t already have one, here is a link to Adobe reader.  If you use this link, please uncheck the optional add-ons for McAfee products.  It’s free to download and only takes a few minutes to install.  If you typically use a browser to open PDF files it won’t work; you must use an Adobe acrobat program.

Download the 2018 band registration information sheets and forms

2018 Band Registration Materials

Also this year you have an option to fill and save the forms on your computer and upload the filled PDF packet thought Woodson Band website. We accept all forms electronically signed but two medication forms have to be wet signed and returned to the band room.

Upload the filled packet below

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