***Please Please Please*** help Volunteer, we are at bare minimum numbers in all positions!

We have been short in almost all volunteer positions in the past week. We are almost done with the Marching season, and need all hands to help out where you can. There are variety of volunteer tasks for every event either chaperoning , moving the pit equipment and props, or be behind the scenes by washing uniforms or loading the equipment and props into the moving trucks, or even driving a truck to and from the competition.

These last 2 weeks will be hectic with a home game on Friday (10/21) followed by a double header Saturday (10/22) competition with the VBODA State Assessment in the morning and Freedom Showcase competition in the evening. 
The following Friday (10/28) is SENIOR NIGHT home game and we REALLY need Underclassmen parents to step up and volunteer, so the senior parents can join their student on the field to be recognized. Our last competition is Saturday (10/29) held a James Madison University. This is a long day, but will be the culmination of our Marching Band Students hard work and dedication since August 1st.

Please check the volunteer page and sign up to help out our Marching Cavaliers!