UPDATE: Disney luggage call tomorrow (3/21); watch your email

From Mr. Morgan: Hello everyone,

All activities in FCPS are canceled for this evening.  We will have to move our luggage check-in to tomorrow.  As of right now, school has not been canceled tomorrow (call won’t be made until this evening).  Our new report time will be 4pm for Juniors and Seniors (and bus loaders) and 4:30pm for Sophomores and Freshman.  Please make 10000% sure you have packed everything, particularly any medication.  Because we have no time to correct any medication issues, it is critical that everything is handled properly tomorrow.

Because the call time is earlier, please bring a sack lunch/dinner with you.  Our depart time is still slated for around 7pm.  If school is canceled tomorrow, we may still be able to assemble pack and go.  Continue to check your email!  If something needs to change, we will let you know via email.

Thanks everyone,