New Date Added: Nov. 9 Playoff Game at Woodson

The WT Woodson High School Football isn’t just going to the playoffs this year, we are hosting it! Weather permitting, this could end up being a very well attended game and we could use that after last week’s rain-soaked game. We will needs lot of help with chaperones and concessions.


Chaperones, Parking Lot Safety Help

CONCESSIONS: We are gonna need lots of help esp. over at the hot chocolate table!  I know we are all thinking, weren’t we done?  Please consider taking a shift, while the other people are outside shivering we will be warmer and dryer, no matter what is going on weather-wise.  This is to support our team, our school and most of all, our great band kids.  100% of the profits from this stand goes right back into the Woodson Bands and Color Guard programs, which means it benefits 100% of our kids.