NCBF Updated Health Guidelines (Indy Trip)

From Mr. Morgan Monday afternoon. See Guidelines under Itineraries:

Hello Wind Ensemble,

In an effort to be best prepared to deal with the recent outbreak of novel Corona Virus, we have developed a set of guidelines based on guidance received from FCPS and from Music for All.  We recognize that while it is impossible to gaurantee there are no infections, based on all current information available, the likelihood of infection is extremely remote on this trip.  These guidelines are currently much more strict than current workplace guidelines given by the CDC.  While we tried to think of every possible contingent, we will update this plan as needed to continue to provide our students with the best possible health and safety precautionary measures.  

I know the possibility of infection can seem very scary, again, the current information does not warrant any additional actions be taken on our part.  The student’s adherance to these guidelines and any additional guidelines should insure the best possible protection for student’s health and safety.  I encourage you to read the current CDC information about outbreaks and the symptoms of this virus to better equip yourself with the proper information.  FCPS and Music for All are currently still going forward with these events; this is in consultation with officials from the City of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana, and FCPS.  If the situation evolves and additional guidelines become needed, we will update parents.

The attached document contains our guidelines.  Please review it!  We are going to send out some more detail about the trip itself tomorrow.  There are a few outstanding forms and payments as well.  Students will get a final checklist tomorrow in class; parents please be on the lookout for that!  Thanks again!