My School Bucks Band Fee?


 You may have noticed a fee that was added on Friday to your MySchoolBucks (MSB) student account for $25.  This is the Concert Band course fee that is assessed to every student in band.  This is the FINAL fee that we assess.  Let me explain why we chose to do this fee only through MSB. 

In previous years, wehave collected this fee with all the other paperwork in the spring and summer prior to the new school year.  However, as FCPS has migrated to MSB, they auto-bill any blanket course fees like this one.  They are also unable to preclude any fees that are already paid. 
In other words, what happened last year was that many of you paid this fee in the spring and then still got a bill for this in your MSB account; and then many of you paid it again by accident!  Issuing refunds is a very time consuming process.  In an effort to cut down on duplicating this info and causing confusion, we simply did not include this fee on the initial paperwork.  We apologize for any confusion this has caused.  If you are interested in the particulars, you are welcome to consult the FCPS policy relating to this and other fees

 Short version:  This is a fee we have always assessed, but we left it out to make our accounting a bit easier.  This IS a “real” fee and not simply spam or a fee you have already paid.  Please pay this fee at your earliest convenience.  I am happy to answer any questions you have about this.  Thanks!