Media Morning / First Day of School

Awesome news, WUSA 9 and WDVM are covering the First Day of School in Fairfax County and are featuring W.T. Woodson in their coverage. The coverage will focus on the Marching Band and Cheerleaders. This attention comes with an early wake up call, ALL MARCHING BAND & GUARD must be at the school by 5:40AM on Monday, August 22nd.

In order to support our Marching Cavaliers and ensure they have some food in their bellies for the first day of school (once the excitement of TV cameras wear off) we need some volunteers to bring some breakfast items to the school on the morning of. We will have volunteers on site from 5:30 am until 7:00 am to receive the food. Items can be grabbed by the students while they are on breaks and before the official start of the school day.

Lets support our Cavs on this exciting first day 2022-2023 school year!!