List of Private Teachers

Below, see Mr. Morgan’s recent email about private teachers. Because his list contains names and phone numbers, it is not published on this site. A copy has been posted to the Files section of the band’s closed Facebook group, or you can contact Mr. Morgan privately.


I have had a lot of parents and students ask about starting private lessons.  There are a TON of very highly qualified folks that teach in the area.  See Files under the Woodson Band Patrons Facebook group for a list of teachers in the area.  They are grouped by where they are located and each instrument has a tab.  This is NOT an exhaustive list so if you don’t find any good fits please feel free to contact me.
Private lessons are a fantastic way to help students prepare for auditions, get a higher chair, improve skills, and move up into a higher ensemble.  I strongly recommend each student at least consider accessing the wealth of crazy good teachers in the area.  The DC metro area is flush with great musicians because of the US Military ensembles, so the world is your oyster.  AND unlike everything else in the NOVA area, lessons are actually very reasonable from a pricing standpoint.  
Again, please let me know if you have issues or questions.  Thanks!