July 4 Message: Band Camp & 2020-21 Band Season

From Mr. Morgan on 7/4/20:

I have gotten many questions about what band might look like next school year.  Marching band, concert band, etc.  I have very little information from FCPS regarding these activities specifically aside from being told there WILL be band next year.  If you want to take band, there will be band option for you.  Will it be online or in person?  I don’t know right now.  Will band camp or marching band happen?  I don’t know right now.  Will the ensemble placements get moved around because of all this? I don’t know.  There are a lot unanswered questions, but despite the 10,000 ideas swirling around – everyone is looking for the best solution for our students, whatever that may end up looking like.  What little info I get changes pretty quickly, so I can’t give anything more concrete than this right now.

To be transparent about myself, I have elected to do whatever “face to face” option will be provided.  

This is a really tough time to be a teacher, a student, or a parent.  I’m thinking about you all as we continue to try and figure this all out.  I know we all want things to return to normal, band included.  Obviously, we need to be flexible and do our best not to get frustrated with all of these changes.

I expect to know some more concrete details about fall activities by Aug. 1 as we have been asked to wait until then to revisit things.  While I do not expect band camp will run starting Aug 4, nothing is set I will keep you posted when we are given more information.