GL Scrip

What is Scrip?

Great Lakes Scrip enables participants to purchase gift cards and gift certificates for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and entertainment. The band earns a percentage of each dollar of scrip purchased; the percentages vary according to the retailer. Hundreds of cards are available — including Chipotle, Noodles & Company, Kohl’s, Target, iTunes, Best Buy, Giant Food, Shopper’s Food Warehouse and CVS Pharmacy.

Placing an order:

Place your orders online at To create an account use your e-mail address and associate your account with our organization, the W.T. Woodson Cavalier Band Patrons, Inc., by entering our Enrollment Code. (Contact Sarah Callahan at the email address below for the code.)  You can shop anytime during the month, but we generally submit our group order monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month. This allows time for delivery of the cards for distribution at the Band Patrons meeting which is generally held the third Tuesday of each month during the school year. We can process your order outside of our normal cycle if it’s large enough to cover the shipping costs, and will make arrangements to get the cards to you as soon as possible. Many cards are eligible for “reload” (such as AMC Theaters, Safeway, Dominos, and Starbucks), which we can process almost immediately. Once you receive a confirmation e-mail, you can re-use your card. In addition, “ScripNow!” e-certificates (including many brands like Amazon, Home Depot, and Land’s End) are available immediately. Just sign up for the PrestoPay option (see more information below). Once your order goes through, the e-certificates are e-mailed to you or your gift recipient. You can print the certificates to take to a store, or use the code for online purchases.

Paying for scrip:

You have two payment options available for your scrip gift card orders.
1) Pay by check after you submit your order online to the scrip coordinator upon delivery of your scrip gift cards. Make checks payable to W.T. Woodson Band Patrons and forward check to our Scrip Coordinator Sarah Callahan after you submit your order.

2) Pay by PrestoPay online at the time you place your order. Once you have successfully enrolled and verified your bank account information, the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account for the amount of your order, plus a small convenience fee.

Contact our Scrip Coordinator Sarah Callahan with any questions at