Fruit Delivery Wrap-Up

Hindsight 2020, I should have done this right as winter break started, but our top fruit sellers were certainly not forgotten!

In first place, we had Steven Rogers with $821 in sales!  I want to thank all the kids that made sales, helped with unloading the truck, and with distribution, but a special thank you goes to Steven for sticking around until the bitter end that chilly evening to get the fruit boxes organized. He receives a $50 prize.

Next, we have Sam Peeler ($30), Ian Wallace ($25), Dixon Brown ($25), Tony Gelona ($20), Griffin Major ($20), Jennifer Tomas ($15), and Jake Reed ($10). It was hard to cut off the prizes because we had lots of volume sellers that were so close together. Great job to our top sellers and thanks again for getting the fruit delivered.

Winners please look at and let me know what cards you want with your prize amount (