Final Disney Trip Information

Final Trip Information:


  • Medication Turn In: All medication will be turned in on Tuesday March 20th.  See attached First Aid Information Sheet
  • Luggage Search: Luggage turn in will be Tuesday, March 20th. Juniors and Seniors from 6-6:30pm and Freshman and Sophmores from 6:30-7pm.  Remember that parents must drop off luggage in person if they have signed the luggage search waiver.  Students will enter band room from parking lot and check in with First Aid.  Then they will present their uniform for inspection (shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers) before proceeding to luggage check in, which will be in the band hallway.  Go to your bus number for check in.  Luggage will be locked up until it is loaded on the bus.
  • Students will want to bring snacks for the bus ride. No coolers please!  Any bottles must still have an unopened seal, and refillable bottles must be EMPTY!
  • We may stop at a rest area on the way down. Quick use of the facilities is required to keep us on schedule.  The more time in a rest area, the less time in the parks!  If time is an issue, students will be required to stay on the bus.
  • Students are required to stay in groups of 4 or more while in the parks. At least two students in your group must have a cell phone.
  • March weather can be unpredictable. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt just in case!
  • The bus ride will be more comfortable if you bring a pillow or blanket with you, but please, no Many students wear sweat pants over shorts for the bus ride down.
  • Bring Homework! There will be a lot of “dead” time on the bus.  Use it wisely.
  • All instruments and carry on items will be searched by the chaperones before loading the bus.
  • It is recommended you bring a lanyard to carry your park pass and food voucher. Take a picture of your pass/voucher as soon as you get it, as there is no other way to replace it.  These are NOT park hopper passes.  You must remain in the assigned park for the day.
  • Bring your phone chargers in your carry on so you can charge your phones if there are outlets on the bus.
  • Pack your toothbrush in your bus bag – you will appreciate it after sleeping on the bus.
  • You will need some spending money. A $50 voucher is provided for food in the parks, and breakfast is provided at the hotel.  We will be eating 6 meals in the parks, plus we have 2 fast food breakfast stops on the bus.
  • Please make sure you have the phone number of your room chaperone and the First Aid parent in case you become ill or need assistance in the park. If you do not have a phone, you are required to have at least two people in your group that do have a phone.
  • Any videos brought on the trip should be DVD and may be rated G, PG, or PG-13
  • You are representing W.T. Woodson, so school appropriate attire is required. Students should only bring clothing that adheres to FCPS clothing policy (i.e., no T-shirts with questionable content, short-shorts or midriff exposing shirts)