Equipment parent volunteers NEEDED!!

This year’s show incorporates more Pit Equipment and some large field props that haven’t been used in shows in years past. Having a lot of parent volunteers is critical for the smooth running of the marching band show setup during home football games and competitions.

Sign up to join the Equipment/Pit Crew for football games and competitions:

The percussion pit is bigger this year (with new equipment) and there are more props (Satellite Dish and approximately 6 background galaxy panels) in the show this year, so any time you can give to this fun team is helpful.  We need a minimum of 12 volunteers for each performance.

Football Games: Meet at the band room at 6pm to move band equipment to the field, as well as ensure all pit gear is in position for the halftime show.  At halftime, help move all pit equipment and some props to midfield for the band’s performance, then remove it when they finish.  In the event of wind, a few parents may be asked to hide behind a prop to hold it down.

Competitions: See opportunities to load the truck, help at the competition and drive (need 2 truck drivers for each). Some volunteers will ride in the truck, others drive themselves. Must wear pit shirt (provided), khaki pants or shorts, and brown shoes.

Contact: It is helpful if you can attend most performances but not critical.  Being part of the Pit Crew is a great way to see the band upclose, plus you get into all football games and competitions for FREE!!

Here is a pic of out Pit Crew in action!!

Other Chair/Co-Chair Opportunities:

Contact Carrie Klein at to get more information about the open positions. Descriptions can also be found in the Band Handbook. Contact information can be found HERE.