District Band Auditions

From Mr. Morgan:

Each year at Robinson Secondary School, District XI hosts auditions for its All-District Band event.  These auditions include nearly 2000 band students in middle school and high school across the 20 or so schools that comprise District XI.  Even though we are the smallest VBODA/VMEA District in Virginia, we are also among the strongest and most competitive.  It is a huge musical accomplishment to get into All-District Band and is a wonderful and enriching musical opportunity for the students selected.  The auditions are January 11, starting in the morning and going until around 5.  Times are given in blocks so that students do not have to spend the entire day waiting around, but students are unable to choose their block times.

At Woodson, we do not make auditions required, but they are STRONGLY encouraged.  I believe each student who signs up should have a strong desire to prepare and perform their audition music based on their own intrinsic motivations, not an external motivation such as a grade.  I also do not want students to take the the audition if they know they are unable to participate in the actual event.  Even though the event is selective and in many sections even fantastic players are unable to make the band, the formative growth process improves players by leaps and bounds.  For students that are selected, the event is held here at Woodson on 1/30/2019-2/1/2019.  

Students, HERE is a link to a Google form that will start the sign up process.  To complete your registration, you need to bring in $10.  Checks should be made out to Woodson Band Patrons.  Once you have done both of those things, you are good to go.  Students have been given audition materials in Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  Students in Concert Band who wish to audition need to ask Mr. Morgan for the audition materials.  All classes will review the complete audition requirements in class.  

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students must perform a full audition for their Winter Chair Auditions (12/9) so keeping thematerials up to performance standards should make it easy to have a successful chair audition.  Also, taking a District Band audition satisfies one of the project requirements for those classes as well.  

Last note, the district is in the final year of getting custom made percussion etudes and they have been sent out yet.  When they arrive, I will distribute them to all the percussion students. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,