Disney Medication Info

Important Information Regarding Medications For Disney Trip

If your student will require any prescription medication on the Disney band trip, the Medication Authorization Form must be on file with the band and note that the prescription dosage must match what is on the form.  Any dosage changes will require a new Medical Authorization Form to be submitted with a physician’s signature.  Contact Peggy Einhorn or Michele Banker if you would like to confirm what dosage is on file.

Prescription medication, will be accepted in the band room between 6:00-900pm on Tuesday 3/20.  You may turn in updated medication authorization forms at this time as well.

Virginia law requires all medication to be turned in by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.  NO MEDICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM A STUDENT. 

 Please have any prescription medication in the original bottle and only containing the dosage needed during the trip.  

 Stock Epinephrine will not be supplied by the school.  If you already have an Epinephrine Authorization Form, Inhaler Authorization Form or other Medication Authorization Form on file in the health office at Woodson, please obtain a copy of this form and submit it to the band.

Over the counter medications can be provided to students on an “as needed “ basis by the first aider or chaperones on the trip and consists of the following:

Advil                                 Benadryl                                     Cough Drops

Dramamine                     Neosporin                                  Tums

Tylenol                             Zyrtec                                         Claritin



Approvals for any of these over the counter medications were given at the beginning of the school year.  If you have forgotten which over the counter medications you have authorized or wish to change any authorizations, contact Peggy Einhorn or Michele Banker.

Medication Authorization Form


Inhaler Authorization Form:


Epinephrine Authorization Form:


Peggy Einhorn: peggy.einhorn@verizon.net

Michele Banker: michelebanker@msn.com