2022 Cav Cards are here

Woodson Band Cavalier Discount Cards “Cav Cards” are here!! We ask that each family sell AT LEAST 5 cards. They really sell themselves and are a great fundraiser for the band.

We will have them packaged for pickup at Band Rehearsal or you can email me to arrange pickup (Karen Wallace at cavcards@woodsonband.org) You pay for them in advance so a check for $50 payable to the WOODSON BAND PATRONS would be awesome (or click the appropriate links below). They also make nice gifts for new neighbors, sitters, dogwalkers, etc.

Take a look at the savings at so many local businesses and you’ll see they pay for themselves quickly–couple of pizzas, burgers, or subs and you’ve saved $10.


Payment can also be done online at this LINK

or QR scan below (for individual card orders):


For Groups of FIVE Cards click this LINK

For Groups of TEN Cards click this LINK


Happy selling!

Front of Card
Back of Card