Bands of America – Mid Atlantic Regional Championship Competition, Sat Oct 21st 2023

Our final competition of the season is going to be held at the SECU Stadium, University of Maryland (90 Stadium Dr, College Park, MD). This event is a Prelims / Finals format.
Woodson’s prelim show time is 10:15 AM and prelim awards are announced at 3:30 PM.
Finals performances will start at approximately 6:00 PM.

Event information & Ticket information can be found on the BOA website HERE

Note: Video recording is NOT ALLOWED at any BOA event regardless of device type, Still cameras (digital or film, professional or otherwise) are allowed in the stadium and may be used from stadium seating, but not on the field. Jolesch Enterprises will be on-site taking action photos on the field level and awards photos. Ordering information is available online at

All 2023 Bands of America Championships will be livestreamed on BOALIVE.TV, powered by BOX5 Media. Viewers can choose pay-per-view ($17 for prelims / $17 for finals / both for $28) to watch one event or a subscription for the best value to watch the entire BOA season. If you cannot make it in person you can enjoy the performances from wherever you are!

Marching Cavalier’s Itinerary:

6:00 AM – Uniforms Available
6:45 AM – Dressed by this time
7:00 AM – Depart Woodson
8:15 AM – Arrive; unload, RR, Assemble Props
9:10 AM – Band & Pit Warm Up

9:30 AM – SECU Stadium Box-office opens
9:40 AM Pit Move from Warm Up area to Gate
10:00 AM – SECU Stadium Gates open for Prelims
9:50 AM – Pit Gate Time
9:55 AM – Band Move from Warm Up area to Gate
10:05 AM – Band Gate Time

10:15 AM –Prelims Performance Time
10:45 AM – Load equipment back onto truck
3:15 PM – Drum Majors back into uniforms for awards by this time, report area TBD
3:30 PM – Prelim Award Ceremony, Finals Bands Announced (top 12)

4:00 PM – Stadium Cleared, dinner break; if in finals: eat, change, warmup
5:00 PM – Stadium gates open for Finals

5:30 PM – National Anthem/Opening welcome for finals
6:00 PM – First Finalist Band Performs
9:00 PM – Finals Competition Ends
9:15 PM – Full Retreat, Finals Award Ceremony
9:45 PM – Load Busses, Depart SECU Stadium
10:45 PM– Arrive at WTW, unload, clean room, dismiss

***Students needing Early Dismissal (IF WE DON’T MAKE FINALS) MUST fill out the early dismissal form and have it submitted to Mr. Morgan before we depart for BoA on Saturday morning.
Form is located HERE ***

• Students should either bring breakfast with them or arrive having already eaten.
• For lunch, students will have access to the stadium concessions. It is unlikely that outside food/drinks can be brought into the stadium, so please plan on using concessions or eating an early lunch after we perform and are at our buses. The recommendation from BOA was to plan for the venue to be cashless, so please plan ahead if you plan to purchase consessions.
• After prelims, regardless or not we perform in finals, the Band Patrons have provided a meal for us that we will eat at the designated picnic area near the bus parking lot.

• After our prelims performance, we will change out of uniform so bring your garment bag and a change of clothes with you on the bus. Please hang the uniform up neatly and either hang it from an open window or carefully lay it flat on your seat. Do NOT put anything on top of your uniform/uniform bag. Please plan ahead and dress according to the season.
• Make sure you budget time for your hair to be done in the morning and plan on keeping it that way all day AND bring any hair supplies you may need with you.
• Be sure to have black marching shoes, black socks, white T-shirt. No jewelry or nail polish.
• Should we make finals, we will remain in uniform after our finals performance for full retreat (full band will march on the field for awards ceremony) and remain in uniform for the bus ride home to save time.
• Review earring, hair, white shirt, shoes etc policy BEFORE arriving in the morning.

• The top 12 bands, regardless of class, are chosen for a second finals performance
• We will not know if we made finals until after the prelims awards at 3:30PM
• Should we NOT make finals, we will remain to watch the finalist bands perform
-If a student wishes to dismiss after prelims, please have them complete the Early Dismissal Form and submit it BEFORE departing for UMD (link to form is below). Students may NOT drive themselves to UMD.
• Following the last finalist band performance, all members of all finalist bands participate in a full retreat for awards. Following that award ceremony, we would dismiss and go straight to the busses for departure. If we do not make finals, we will depart following the last finalist band’s performance

• After we change and return to the stadium, we will find a section that is the Woodson section for us to sit together in. From there, students can stay in that section to watch bands or go and get concessions. Students must ALWAYS travel with a buddy and are not permitted to wander the stadium alone. Students may not leave the stadium without permission. Students must be all seated in our section by 3:00PM for the performance of the UMD Marching Band.
• Be supportive of other groups’ performances. They work hard just like you and you never know who is sitting around you. If you don’t have anything positive to say, please withhold your comments until after we get on the bus.
• Have FUN!! This is our last competition of the season – Enjoy it!!