2021 Band Camp: Dates, Times, & What to Bring (Updated 7/29)

From Mr. Morgan (July 29):

Hello Marching Cavaliers!

Attached you will find the following:

  1. A guide with some helpful tips and things to bring for camp.  Since it’s been a while for us ALL, please everyone review it before camp begins Tuesday morning.  In the meantime, GO OUTSIDE as much as you can.
  2. A more detailed schedule for camp, including times of rehearsals, etc.

For camp, we are following a different schedule this year.  Our first week will be similar to previous years just one hour longer.  The breaks are shorter for the first week so please plan on bringing a full lunch AND a snack with you.  We will dismiss at 6pm each day.  For the second week, however, we have long blocks with long breaks.  Lunch is a full hour and “dinner” is two hours (from 3-5pm).  Students are STRONGLY encouraged to go home during that time to rest, relax, eat, etc.  Students who leave are still accountable to the 5pm rehearsal start time, so if you do leave please add time for travel to the field.  Either Mr. Freeman or myself will be on hand during that time, so students are permitted to stay here if they do not have a ride elsewhere.

Yesterday, FCPS updated its COVID-19 guidelines for the coming school year.  We will follow those guidelines for camp.  In case you missed it form them, all students and staff are required to wear masks when indoors, regardless of vaccination status.  Students are not required to wear them outside at any time.  Zooming into playing wind instruments, we are not required to wear masks when playing indoors but are required at all other times (except when eating).  Last year, Mr. Freeman and I made a building level decision to require musician masks to particpate, but that is not an FCPS requirement and we are no longer requiring those masks.  All that said, we are fine with students using their musican masks or regular face masks outside – except when they interfere with the visual responsibilities of students.

We are very excited for the season to begin.  Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks,


This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:FCPS Woodson HS Band
9525 Main St.
Fairfax, VA 22031

Band leadership starts on Monday, 8/2/21, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Everyone else starts on Tuesday, 8/3/21, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. See News and Schedules for more information and the full schedule.


  • Shorts and sneakers – if you arrive in long pants or flip flops, you will be sent home to change
  • Bookbag (separate from your school bookbag; doesn’t need to be as big)
  • 1” Binder and around 30 sheet protectors for music, warm ups, etc.
  • Pencils for marking music, completing dot books
  • Lyre for holding pep tunes (we provide the flip folder)
  • Spiral bound 3”X5” index cards (for everyone but pit percussion)
  • 1 Gallon insulated water jug
  • 1 plastic garbage bag (to cover your bag if it rains)
  • 1 Small “fanny pack” to store your dotbook, breathing tube, pencil, etc.
  • Sunscreen, SPF 35 or greater.
  • Hat that will provide shade for your face (sun-burned lips are painful!)
  • Sunglasses (optional but recommended)
  • Your Music! (we will only have limited copies)

Lunch – Most students prefer lighter foods including watermelon and grapes and that type of thing.