2022 Marching Band Pre-Season Training Schedule (Band Camp)

2022 Marching Cavalier Pre-Season Training Schedule

Week 1

Mon, 8/1 Full Band* 8am-6pm

Tue, 8/2 Full Band* 8am-6pm

Wed, 8/3 Full Band* 8am-6pm

Thu, 8/4 Full Band* 8am-6pm

Fri, 8/5 Full Band* 8am-6pm 

Week 2

Mon, 8/8 Full Band* 8am-8pm      

Tue, 8/9 Full Band* 8am-8pm

Wed, 8/10 Full Band* 8am-8pm

Thu, 8/11 Full Band* 8am-8pm

Fri, 8/12 Full Band* 8am-8pm                   

Sat, 8/13 Uniform Day 9am-12pm

Week 3

Mon, 8/15 Full Band* 4pm-7pm;     Trivia Night 

Tue, 8/16 Full Band* 4pm-7pm

Wed, 8/17 Full Band* 4pm-9:30pm;    Skit Night

Thu, 8/18 Full Band* 12pm-7pm;    Picture Day, Rehearsal following pictures

Fri, 8/19 Full Band* 4pm-9pm; Family Preview Day – Cookout & Performance

*Full Band refers to all members of the Marching Cavaliers to include Woodwinds, Brass, Batterie Percussion, Pit Percussion, Guard, and Drum Majors.

** Schedule subject to minor modifications. A FINAL schedule will be distributed and posted on the website prior to camp starting.