Symphonic Band

Members of the Symphonic Band are the most advanced musicians in the Woodson Band program. Students are selected by auditions in the spring and will re-audition for each new school year. The group will perform varying levels of music at concerts throughout the year but will perform Grade 6 at any competitions or festivals. Members of this group are required to participate in the marching band and also have the requirement of after-school sectionals and rehearsals throughout the year. This band performs at the Winter and Spring concerts, the VBODA District Band Festival and whatever competition or Festival venue that the WTW Band attends on the spring trip.

Concert II

Concert II or Intermediate Band is open to all 9-12 Woodson students who audition in the spring and are placed in this level group. Basic skills are an important part of the musical program of studies for this group. Students will learn all Major scales and minor scales and work on basic rhythms as well as sight-reading. They will play various levels of literature throughout the year depending on strengths and weaknesses of the group. Members of Concert II are required to be in the Marching Band. Concert II will perform in the Winter and Spring Concerts, perform at the VBODA District Band Festival and perform in whatever competition or Festival venue that the WTW Band attends on the spring trip. Marching Band participation and performance along with class participation are figured into the student's quarter grade for first quarter. After-school sectionals/rehearsals, performances and class participation will be figured into the quarter grade for the other 3 quarters.

Marching Band

The W. T. Woodson Marching Cavaliers is the most visible group in the band program and it is made up of the brass, woodwinds, drumline and colorguard. The group performs at all home Varsity football games and competes in 3-4 competitions and/or festivals during the marching season. Students participating in the marching band learn precision marching to a musical program that has been carefully selected to show off the musicality and pageantry of the group. No other group provides such an outlet for students where the sense of pride and team spirit is so intense. Marching Band is a co-curricular class which means that a student's performance and participation in rehearsals and performances has bearing on the quarter grade for band. Students in the Advanced and Intermediate Bands are required to be in the Marching Band. Students in Concert I (Beginning Band) are not required but may participate at the discretion of the Director of Bands depending on the playing level of the student.

Concert I

Concert I is open to all students of Woodson High School and will focus on basic skills such as tone production, rhythm, scales and sight-reading. Students with no previous band experience may start an instrument but only at the discretion of the director. Instrument choice will be decided by the director taking into consideration the appropriateness of the instrument for the physical makeup of the student and the instrumentation needs of the program. This is also a great class for those students interested in switching instruments. Concert I may or may not be a performing group in and of itself depending upon the instrumentation enrolled in the class for that year. If not, the first semester will be spent on basic skills and second semester we will provide performance opportunities for those students who are maintaining a high level of musical achievement. Members of this group may participate in marching band only with the approval of the Director of Bands.

Jazz Ensemble

The group meets one afternoon a week and performs at many local events. The group attends the Chantilly Jazz Festival every March, goes on the spring band trip every April and performs with a guest artist every May. Anyone interested in playing in the Jazz Ensemble should be able to commit to attending all scheduled rehearsals and concerts. We normally rehearse on Thursday afternoons from 2:30pm - 4:30pm. Extra sectionals and rehearsals may be added at the directors discretion. The normal instrumentation consists of 5 Saxophones (2 Altos, 2 Tenors, 1 Bari), 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, Piano, Bass, Drums and Guitar. Any exceptions to this instrumentation will be up to the director. Any questions? E-mail Chip Bubeck at cbub@charlesbubeck.com.

Colorguard / Winterguard

The colorguard is open to any student , grades 9-12, who has attended the spring colorguard clinics and passed the audition requirements. Colorguard members may be members of a band class but this is not required. The colorguard is an auxiliary unit in the band that adds color, pageantry and general effect to the show. All members are held to the same standards and expectations as the band students and are considered a part of the band. Colorguard members must attend all after-school rehearsals, football games, competitions and Tag Day. Members of the colorguard may also participate in the Winter Guard. The Winter Guard rehearses two nights per week and performs at several competitions in the late Winter and early spring.

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